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Beef, meat, beef sides, mea
  • Beef, meat, beef sides, mea

Beef, meat, beef sides, mea

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Brand:Skott Smeat
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
beef, meat, beef sides LLC Lubnymyaso implements self-produced beef. We carry out delivery own specialized transport. Terms of payment are discussed individually Pork - the widespread name of pork - boar or pig. The first grade - breast cut, scapula, brisket, lumbar part and gammon. The second grade of pork - cervical neck, hough, shank, tanks.

Young pork has pink color, firm texture and almost does not contain films on the surface. Old has saturated, dark red shades. Pork is tasty and useful meat. In the culinary purposes pork is stewed, fried, cooked or smoked. From pork rich broths which are excellent basis for preparation of first courses turn out: borsches, vegetable soups, Russian cabbage soup, solyankas, rassolniks. From pork cook forcemeats. Pork is good smoked: sausages, gammons, bacon have high energy value and pleasant flavor. The pork made on grill or baked in oven is considered the most useful.

Visually beef differs from pork in more nasyshchennymkrasny color. However recently began to apply the special food colors allowing to mislead the buyers who are guided upon purchase only by meat bloom. So the meat bloom depends on health of animal, on way of face, and also on observance of norms of storage.

Beef is divided into three grades. Treats the premium chest, back parts, fillet okovalok, kostrets, rump; to the first - scapular and humeral parts, flank. To the second grade - neck, shank.

Beef is consumed in boiled, fried, stewed, smoked look, and also goes for production of forcemeat. For transparent broths and the majority of soups it is better to use bone-in rump which call ''sugar'', and also back side of kostreets, okovalok, humeral and scapular speak rapidly hulks. Russian cabbage soup and borsch require more fatty meat. From shank cook soup. The okovalka, also from cutting is the best of all to prepare fried meat dishes from fillet, for internal part of kostreets (ssek), upper part.

Offal is internals and less valuable parts of hulks. Offal subdivides on beef, pork and mutton. Offal subdivides into I and II categories. Carry heart, kidneys, brains, languages, liver, udder, diaphragm and tails to offal of the I category (beef and mutton). The greatest nutrition value languages beef and veal have, liver, kidneys, brains beef and veal. Offal of the II category — the head (without language), lungs, legs, ears, pork tail, lips, kaltyk, stomach and other meat of gullet.
Brand:Skott Smeat
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Part of carcass:Semihulk
Type of meat:Chilled
Information is up-to-date: 24.07.2019
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