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Skott Smeat
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About enterprise Skott Smeat

Skott Smeat is a brand that is produced at the meat processing plant "Lubnomyaso" ltd.
   We are engaged in the production and sale of chilled and frozen beef in half-carcass and quarters and in  large pieces.
   To ensure that our beef meets the highest demands of consumers, we purchase livestock on the farms, which have all certificates of quality.    The own veterinary service of Skott Smeat conducts regular strict audits of the suppliers for compliance with our internal standards.
   Cattle for Skott Smeat is grown in comfortable and compassionate conditions without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. Green pastures, free range and minimal contact with people helps the livestock to grow without stress resulting in that taste of meat becomes better.
   We annually increase output. Today, our performance rate is 25 000 kg of meat per day. In terms of technology intensiveness, veterinary check, safety, compliance with HACCP and ISO standards, Skott Smeat is one of the most cutting edge meat-processing plants in Ukraine.


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